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“Our goal is to benefit our customers through the use of environmentally sound solutions. A true “Green” solution should save across the board: natural resources, energy costs, logistic issues, warehouse space, and money. This is what we do at AYS.”

– Steve Plyler, President AYS Inc.

We are experienced in industrial
cleaning of all varieties.

Our green filtration process eliminates
hassle and logistics and saves you money.

We implement clean environmental strategies
in every aspect of your business.

 A Full Service Company

green-machinePlyler’s, Inc. is one of the largest industrial cleaning and HVAC maintenance and cleaning companies in the United States. For over 20 years, Plyler’s has been providing professional cleaning and service on all types of HVAC equipment, refrigeration coils, refrigerated cases and coolers, filtration systems, air door/curtains, duct work and general industrial cleaning for facilities throughout the United States.

Plyler’s recognizes the need to stay relevant and versatile in our industry. This is why we have shifted focus in all of our services to make the environment and our customer’s bottom line paramount in all that we do. This focus led us to enter the dry ice industrial cleaning business as well as the development of the only TRUE Green Solution in Air Filtration on the market today. Our Green Filtration Service Process was designed to reduce costs, remove all used filters from the landfill and eliminate all hassle and logistics for air filtration from the customer. We have developed a mobile wash system that allows us to service your filter, without ever leaving your facility.

Another benefit to working with AYS is that we can’t say no! We understand our customers have immediate needs and we are diversified enough to meet those needs. This demand has lead to the development of our facility maintenance division. We tackle all types of difficult and niche market tasks from cleaning sidewalks, dumpsters, exteriors, interiors, compactors, warehouse shelving, process lines, conveyor cleaning, rodent removal, mold abatement and other industrial applications.

Please contact us today to see how Plyler’s can help improve your company’s image and energy costs through our numerous services.