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About Diversified Maintenance

We are experienced in cleaning warehouses of all varieties, from manufacturing facilities to commercial kitchens. Every environment presents different challenges and requirements. We’ve tackled jobs that require the removal of unsightly dust and debris, buildup that creates harmful and unsafe conditions, to removal of bacterial contaminates to meet stringent food safety standard.
At Your Service Inc. works with your technicians and warehouse personnel to ensure your equipment is properly shut down or sectioned off for the service to be performed.

We take the proper precautions to ensure any product housed there will not be damaged during the cleaning. If necessary, we temporarily relocate your product within your facility. If relocation is unavailable, we use tarps and plastic to cover any at-risk product, ensuring the integrity of the product won’t be compromised.

Our service WILL NOT shut down production at your facility. Our technicians are trained to coexist in your facility in a way that doesn’t interfere with your employees and their daily tasks.  When servicing warehouse facilities, At Your Service Inc. adheres to the highest safety standards. We utilize O.S.H.A. approved safety equipment and follow any procedures your facility may have.

Industrial Cleaning

Penthouse Evaporators

Hanging Evaporators

Duct Work

Refrigeration Racks

Air conditioning units

Exhaust fans


Air Handler Units



Disposal Areas

Mold Removal