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About us

Mission Statement

The mission of At Your Service Inc. is to safely and efficiently serve our customers while achieving the goals of improving our customer’s environment, extending equipment life, reducing energy costs and minimizing the environmental impact. We do this by implementing the most comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services available today. We work safe, efficient, and with the highest degree of respect to our customers and their customers alike. Each of our service streams are rooted in this mission. AYS Inc. is meticulous in its work and we refuse to leave our customers dissatisfied.


Family: a group of people who share
common attitudes, interests, and goals:

Plyler’s At Your Service Inc. is a small community business that is focused on both family values and the families that make up our company. Our identity is in the faces that work at AYS and the faces that each AYS member works so very hard to support. Every week our crews say goodbye to their families and head out of town to earn a living; it’s not easy, but necessary in providing for those they cherish. It’s a personal sacrifice, but it’s an enjoyed sacrifice because it is done out of love.

At AYS, we understand the importance of family and that the most important aspect of family is our next generations. Everyone wants a better life for our children; a life filled with happier times, a safer world, and an environment where our kids can grow strong and healthy and prosper for years to come. That is why we sacrifice so much of our time and our lives and when it comes to protecting our environment, we find it equally important to sacrifice there too.

This was the driving factor in developing our Mobile Wash Technology and Green Filter Program. For 20 years, we replaced disposable filtration with more disposable filtration. It was obvious that the business of cleaning air contributed significantly in dirtying our environment. We knew there had to be a better way. AYS started off as a cleaning company, so we used our efficient strategies in cleaning and applied the same systems and technologies to making washable, reusable, and recyclable air filtration. This process has become the foundation of AYS and we will continue to use sound and proven principles to improve our environment in everything we do.

Even before the Green Filter and Mobile Wash Process was invented, AYS and its associates implemented clean environmental strategies in every aspect of our business. We have always focused considerable time, energy, and resources in finding new opportunities in helping our environment.

These are some initiatives AYS currently practices in reducing our footprint on the Earth:

  • We use washable air filters in our rigs, saving on waste and shipping for disposable air filters.
  • We use fuel additive and keep regular maintenance on our rigs to ensure peak efficiency.
  • We heat our shop and offices with the used motor oil from our rigs and equipment.
  • We develop and offer our customers reusable alternatives to air filtration.
  • We reclaim our wash water and dump in State-approved dump sites instead of streams, ponds, lakes, etc…
  • We recycle our cardboard boxes after products have been installed.