Plyler's | Air Doors/Curtains
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Air Doors/Curtains

Air Door/ Air Curtain cleanings are a specialized service At Your Service Inc. provides to many of our retail customers.

The function of air doors/curtains is to create an invisible barrier that maintains inside air temperature while preventing dirt, dust, fumes, and insects from entering from the outside environment.  They help to maintain the cleanliness of your business environment while aiding the efficiency with which the business is heated and cooled.  Due to their location and function, air doors and the pit below them are a natural place for dirt, dust, and other grime to collect and build up.  As the dirt and grime builds up, the air flowing from the curtain to the floor becomes constricted, and the invisible barrier is compromised.


Our Process:

We want to make sure that your air doors/curtains perform the job they were intended to do.  In order to do this, we completely disassemble the air doors/curtains so they can be cleaned properly.  Our technicians secure the work zone and move the components to safe areas where they are skillfully cleaned.  The pit area below the floor surface is washed and swept, and all dirt is removed.  When all components have been cleaned, the air doors/curtains are reassembled.  Lastly, our technicians will reset the entrance way for customer traffic.  The only indication that we’ve been there is a strong, clean stream of air coming from your restored curtain!