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Air Filter Service

Air Filter Service

Plyler’s prides itself in being a one-stop shop for all types of air filters and air filter change out services. For over 20 years we have been providing and changing HVAC and process air filters for many large retailers, major industrial facilities, power plants, hospitals and institutional facilities around the country. The filter types available range from HEPA filters to disposable fiberglass filters. Our Green Filtration Service is one of our most popular and successful air filter programs for major retailers due to a significant cost savings and low environmental impact.

The Green Filtration Service Process was designed to eliminate all hassle and logistics for air filtration from the customer and redirect that responsibility into our hands. First, the filter is designed to last 20 service cycles; which means years of ordering, shipping, and stocking throwaway filters will be gone. Next, we install the filters in all of your HVAC systems and return on a set service schedule for cleanings. Here we use our mobile wash system to clean, dry, and return each filter to original, like new condition. Finally, we reinstall all filters back in your HVAC systems. The filters never leave your location and your staff is never inconvenienced beyond a simple work ticket signature.

When developing our Environmental Mobile Wash System, we knew it had to meet 3 criteria: 1) Improve the environment 2) Match the efficiency and usefulness of any product on the market today. 3) Save money.

Meeting the 3 criteria:

Improve the environment:

  • Our system was designed to replace the need for disposable air filtration; DONE. Based on a single retail location, the aluminum green filter stays in the service cycle for at least 5 years replacing the need for thousands of pounds of raw materials needed, thousands of gallons of fuel for shipping, and thousands of pounds of used disposable air filters going to the landfill each year.
  • Beating any washable filtration concept in the market today, our Environmental Mobile Wash System improves the environment by reducing fuel usage by eliminating the need for the back and forth from a specific grounded wash facility and also reduces water usage by recycling our wash water.


Match the efficiency and usefulness of any product on the market today:

  • The Green Filter performs at the basic retail standard of MERV 7 filtration. Most big box retailers use a MERV 7 poly pad, pleated, ring panel, or fiberglass filter in their HVAC systems. Our Green Filter product was tested in an independent laboratory and received the industry standard MERV 7 rating.
  • The Green Filter is designed to accommodate any HVAC system. We have installed in large air handlers, dehumidification units, split systems, and small package units on over 1,500 locations across the United States.


Save money:

  • Customer Savings:
    • The average retail location will change disposable filters 4 times per year. The Green Filter lasts 5 years and when compared to just replacing the cost of the disposable air filter it will produce a ROI within 2 years of installation.
    • The Green Filter will also save money by eliminating the overhead cost to order disposable filters, reducing energy usage, eliminating all disposable filter disposal costs associated with dumpsters and landfills, and eliminating transportation costs associated with production and delivery of the disposable filters.

Overview of Service

After arriving at your business, our trained technicians discuss the scope of work with your management team.  During the initial installation, old, dirty filters are removed from the units and replaced with new, washable ones.  Used filters are boxed up and disposed of at your facility via dumpster or trash compactor.  Every visit thereafter consists of our technicians pulling the dirty filters, washing them, and reinstalling them. They never even leave your facility! Upon completion of filter wash or installation, our technicians then enter your facility to sweep the return grates.  When inside your business, our technicians utilize caution cones and teamwork to ensure the safety of your customers and property.  Our technicians are trained professionals and do not interfere with your customers in any way.  When the service is complete, our technicians meet with your management team to ensure satisfaction.
A major part of our filtration system service is the sweeping of your return grates.  Sweeping these grates helps reduce the amount of dirt, dust, dander, hair, and other allergens that flow through the duct work of your business and into the air conditioning units.  By removing these particles from the grates, we keep your duct work and air conditioning units cleaner.  This maximizes efficiency of the units and reduces the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Benefits of our serviceGreen-Filtration-Systems-3

  • Cleaner breathable air for your employees and customers to breathe, reducing the risk of air borne illnesses.
  • Air conditioning units stay cleaner longer, increasing efficiency, reducing energy and maintenance costs
  • Cleaner duct work and filtration system as a whole
  • Reduction of disposal costs, warehouse space, and simplifying logistics
  • Most importantly,  improving the environment that we all live in and creating a cleaner planet for generations to come

This Mobile Wash technology is not defined only in the equipment we designed, but in the entire process we created. Our unique service techniques combined with first to market Environmental Mobile Wash System will redefine how HVAC service companies will perform in the future. Every aspect of this process is beneficial for the customer, the service provider, the environment, and every species that lives within it. This concept is attractive on every level and will create transformative change in the filtration industry.