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Cold Case Cleaning

Why clean your cold cases?

Case Cleaning Top

cold-case-squareCold case cleaning is another unique service that Plyler’s offers to its grocery and convenience store customers. There are 3 major reasons for cleaning your cold cases: appearance, health concerns, and maintenance costs.  Each important in their own way and each will adversely affect your bottom line.
“Fresh” is a word often associated with the marketing of the items sold from grocery cases and coolers.  Over the course of time cases accumulate unsightly dirt, bacteria and organic residue.  Dirty cases are not “fresh.”  Dirty cases are unsightly and discourage your customers from buying.  Conversely, properly cleaned cases scream “fresh.”  The lights seem brighter, and whites seem whiter.   Clean cases bolster the notion that your business is providing the highest quality products and your customers will respond.
The goal of our case cleaning service is to maximize efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and keep up the aesthetics of your cold cases and cooler evaporators.  

Environmentally Friendly
Cleaning Initiatives


At Your Service Inc. is a friend to the environment

Many companies use harmful chemicals and cleaning agents that damage HVAC equipment and the environment.  
.  We only use heated, pressurized water.    We have a water reclamation system that ensures dirty water doesn’t return to the creeks, streams, and water basins in your area.   All of our water is reclaimed by a state-of-the-art reclamation system, filtered, and then disposed of properly.   We exceed the requirements put forth in the Clean Water Act regarding commercial waste water and, as everyone knows, when it comes to regulations; you can never be too compliant!