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HVAC Cleaning

Why clean your HVAC equipment?

HVAC Cleaning
A cleaner, healthier environment is the foremost reason to keep your HVAC systems clean.  Next, is saving bundles on high energy costs and doubling the life of your equipment.  Plyler’s offers the highest quality, most comprehensive cleaning your HVAC equipment can receive.  Our service restores your HVAC equipment closest to original condition as possible.  It’s the same feeling you get when your car has been professionally detailed and serviced.  It looks better, runs better, and, more importantly, you feel better being in it.

Air conditioning units pull air from the outside environment and the inside of your building, cool it, and send it back into your building.   Moisture in the air is removed by the evaporator coil where it comes to rest in a drain pain.  The air that passes through the unit contains dirt, dust, pollen, and numerous other allergens.   This air also passes through the evaporator coil and across the drain pan, creating a fertile breeding ground for fungi, bacteria, and microbes.  After the air is cooled, it is sent back into your business with bacteria and fungi along for the ride.  Studies show that Sick Building Syndrome and other illnesses are associated with improperly maintained air conditioning units and ventilation.

What sets Plyler’s
apart from the rest?

Our 20 year history of cleaning coils makes

Plyler’s is as experienced as they come.

There isn’t a system type or brand of A/C we haven’t tackled.  We’ve cleaned systems and coils that haven’t been touched since they were installed by technicians with mutton chops and wearing bell bottoms!  We are meticulous and thorough in our cleaning.  No matter how long it takes, we refuse to leave our customers unsatisfied!  Our company has been built on this reputation.  We aren’t afraid to work harder or longer to ensure that the highest quality job is done and we always honor our price.  Our initial service is often done at a loss, but it is an investment in gaining a new customer, repeat business, and an increase in business within our customer’s organization.  The proof is in our work, so give us a try – you only have dirt to lose.


Environmentally Friendly
Cleaning Initiatives


Plyler’s is a friend to the environment

Unless the customer specifically requests it, we do not use harmful chemicals and cleaning agents that damage HVAC equipment and the environment.  We only use heated, pressurized water. We have a water reclamation system that ensures dirty water doesn’t return to the creeks, streams, and water basins in your area.   All of our water is reclaimed by a state-of-the-art reclamation system, filtered, and then disposed of properly.   We exceed the requirements put forth in the Clean Water Act regarding commercial waste water and, as everyone knows, when it comes to regulations; you can never be too compliant!